What is Group Hospitalization & Surgical Insurance?

    A group medical insurance plan which covers the cost of medical treatment and hospitalization for your employees, due to accidents and sickness. You can tailor the plan to meet your company’s specific needs.
    Key Coverage   Key Coverage
    Outpatient Benefits
    • Pre-hospitalization and pre-surgical diagnostic services
    • Pre-hospitalization specialist fees
    • Post-Hospitalization Treatment
    • Emergency accidental outpatient treatment
    • Outpatient monthly outpatient cancer treatment
    • Emergency accidental dental treatment
    Inpatient Benefits
    • Hospital room & board
    • Surgeon fees
    • Anesthetist Fees
    • Intensive Care Unit
    • Hospital services & supplies
    • Daycare surgery
    • Operation theatre
    • In-hospital physician visit 
    Special Benefits
    • Ambulance Fee
    • Daily cash allowance at general hospitals
    • Bereavement allowance
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