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Travel Insurance
We provide a comprehensive range of travel insurance, giving you peace of mind when you are travelling.
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Car Insurance
Buying car insurance online is fast and convenient in Johor Bahru,
talking to our professionals will ensure you get the right coverage.
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Other Services

Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident is a comprehensive personal accident insurance plan that gives you 24-hour worldwide coverage in the event of unfortunate mishaps/accidents that you may encounter.

To get you through the aftermath of such unfortunate events, Personal Accident supports you financially in your recovery with the following benefits:

Accident Death

Permanent Disablement

Medical Expenses

Coverage up to 1 million

Renewal Bonus up to 100 %

Marine Cargo Insurance

This insurance covers loss and/or damage during the movement of cargo from one port/ country to another. Mode of transport can be by sea, air or within land. Policies are tailored to suit each insured's needs. Coverage can be provided for all risks or on a named peril basis.

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

The policy protects you against any third party legal liability that may rise during the course of your business / project during the period of insurance and within the territorial limits.   

We will pay on your behalf, all sums which you are legally obligated to pay as damages due to:  

(a) Bodily injury; or

(b) Property damage (includes any property owned, occupied, or rented by you; and property that are in use or in your care, custody, or control)          

The indemnity granted will also cover claims involving: 

  • Any party that enters into an agreement with you 
  • Any personal estate representatives of the person liability was incurred to 
  • Officials of your company where liability arose out of the performance of the business or the claimant’s engagement with your employees

Door To Door Road Tax Delivery

We are providing door to door Road Tax delivery in Johor Bahru area.